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Sourcing Icon Painting Materials in the UK.

The most commonly used suppliers  of icon materials in the UK are Cornelissen, Stuart Stevenson and FitzPatrick. All of these are based in London. L. CORNELISSEN & SONS: Cornelissen’s is the best known but has very high delivery costs, so it is … Continue reading

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A2: Greece: Design Exercise 1: Learning to use the Brush.

In the Online icon Course, linking the history of the Church to the development of iconography, we have now started the second set of exercises based on the classical cultures which influenced icon painting. We are looking at A2 Ancient … Continue reading

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Hellenic Judaism, Icons & Gold

It is a long time since I updated the News, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening! As I am now at a monastery in Greece, life has changed quite a lot. I can no longer do the one-to-one online tuition … Continue reading

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Judaism: podcast lecture: Sacrifices & Birds

This is the continuation of an excursus about sacrifices – perhaps appropriate that we have got here at the start of Lent! We all talk about ‘making sacrifices’ and the ‘paschal sacrifice’ but this is in context of a long … Continue reading

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Judaism: Podcast Lecture: Plagues & Stars

This is the beginning of a short series on the theme ‘Battle of the Gods.’ The Torah (Ex.12:12/Numbers 33:4) states that the plagues are selected explicitly to defeat and humiliate the gods and symbols of Pharaonic Egypt. It’s not kidding! When … Continue reading

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