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Judaism: Podcast lecture: Symbols & Prophecy – The 12 Tribes

One of the most interesting things about preparing this podcast has been realising how closely the development of symbols is linked to prophecy. The visual symbol follows the prophecy! In the case of the symbols and flags of the twelve … Continue reading

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Hellenic Judaism: First Lecture due this Week!

This is the first new unit I have managed to put up for sometime, owing to changed circumstances. I am now at an Orthodox monastery in Greece. The content of the new lectures on Judaism is very exciting – I … Continue reading

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Christos Anesti! Surrexit Christus! In the period between Christmas and Pascha, I have been putting a great deal of thought into how to best keep in contact and develop the group, so that everyone who is signed up is getting … Continue reading

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Online Icon Course: Designing Old Testament Saints

 Of course, we call Old Testament Saints the Holy Forefathers or Patriarchs or Prophets, but these modules are about designing any Old Testament Saint. The problem is – ‘How do we make a portrait of someone we do not have … Continue reading

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Revised & expanded: Icon Perspectives 1Project

The Projects are in the form of photo albums which you can riffle through online, or download one or all pages onto your desktop to try out the design exercises. They are accompanied by high quality jpgs of specific icons which demonstrate … Continue reading

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