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B3 Icons of Ministry: ‘Theophanies’ February 17th. 2024

The last lectures, on the Incarnation, went well, and if you are a subscriber you will have received links to the video of the lecture and supporting material. The next two Zoom lectures are ‘Icons of Ministry: Part I Theophanies’ … Continue reading

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B2 ‘Icons & Incarnation’ Zoom lectures 16th. December

During the last year, in addition to the extensive on-site study materials, I began to make Zoom lectures of each unit of the Online Icon Course. These typically comprise two lectures, one informative and the other on icon technique. These are … Continue reading

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Judaism: podcast lecture: Sacrifices & Birds

This is the continuation of an excursus about sacrifices – perhaps appropriate that we have got here at the start of Lent! We all talk about ‘making sacrifices’ and the ‘paschal sacrifice’ but this is in context of a long … Continue reading

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Judaism: Podcast Lecture: Plagues & Stars

This is the beginning of a short series on the theme ‘Battle of the Gods.’ The Torah (Ex.12:12/Numbers 33:4) states that the plagues are selected explicitly to defeat and humiliate the gods and symbols of Pharaonic Egypt. It’s not kidding! When … Continue reading

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Judaism: Podcast Lecture:The two Leaders, Joseph & Moses

I nearly called this ‘In and Out’! The leader who gets Israel into Egypt is separated, by nearly four hundred years, from the leader who gets Egypt out of Egypt! Joseph is a seer in the same mould as Daniel. … Continue reading

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