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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Judaism: Podcast Lecture: Plagues & Stars

This is the beginning of a short series on the theme ‘Battle of the Gods.’┬áThe Torah (Ex.12:12/Numbers 33:4) states that the plagues are selected explicitly to defeat and humiliate the gods and symbols of Pharaonic Egypt. It’s not kidding! When … Continue reading

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Judaism: Podcast Lecture:The two Leaders, Joseph & Moses

I nearly called this ‘In and Out’! The leader who gets Israel into Egypt is separated, by nearly four hundred years, from the leader who gets Egypt out of Egypt! Joseph is a seer in the same mould as Daniel. … Continue reading

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Judaism: Podcast lecture: Symbols & Prophecy – The 12 Tribes

One of the most interesting things about preparing this podcast has been realising how closely the development of symbols is linked to prophecy. The visual symbol follows the prophecy! In the case of the symbols and flags of the twelve … Continue reading

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