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B2 ‘Icons & Incarnation’ Zoom lectures 16th. December

Zenon wall - nativity to adoration magi copy 2During the last year, in addition to the extensive on-site study materials, I began to make Zoom lectures of each unit of the Online Icon Course. These typically comprise two lectures, one informative and the other on icon technique. These are approximately every six weeks (there is an advance notice on the Online Icon Course page). These are then saved  as videos with one or two .pptx files. These, of course are exclusive to subscribers. As the course is used internationally (English language only) it was very difficult to find a time generally available. I have done my best, with the lectures being scheduled at 2.30pm and 4.00 pm London time, but it invariable means that the bulk of users listen to the recordings at their own convenience, through a private link. Back lectures are also available to subscribers.

This years section is on ‘Icons and Scripture,’ and -rather appropriately – just before Christmas – we have got to the icons of the Incarnation. You don’t have to have any textbooks for the course – the extensive study materials are usually sufficient, but some books are recommended for further study. This year’s recommendations are ‘ Festal Icons’ by Aidan Hart (Gracewing), and the old staple, which keeps on being reprinted ‘ The meaning of Icons’ by Ouspensky & Lossky (St. Vladimir’s Press).

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