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B3 Icons of Ministry: ‘Theophanies’ February 17th. 2024

Untitled-2The last lectures, on the Incarnation, went well, and if you are a subscriber you will have received links to the video of the lecture and supporting material.

The next two Zoom lectures are ‘Icons of Ministry: Part I Theophanies’ This will mainly focus on the revealing of Jesus as God at the Baptism and Transfiguration, marking the theophany at the beginning of his ministry and the pre-passion theophany. We will look at the theology of these icons and, practically, how the composition of these icons and how the dynamic supports the subject.

The next pair of lectures ‘Icons of Ministry: Part II Miracles and Parables’ will be on March 16th. I am trying as far as possible to stick to the third Saturday of each month, with a gap over Orthodox Pascha and Western  Easter.

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