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Hellenic Judaism: First Lecture due this Week!

torah_scrollThis is the first new unit I have managed to put up for sometime, owing to changed circumstances. I am now at an Orthodox monastery in Greece. The content of the new lectures on Judaism is very exciting – I am learning more and more myself about the relationship between Old and New Testament as I do it, and about the process of vision. I did not realise before how deeply visual images are aligned to prophecy – something which will come out in the subsequent lectures.

abraham_wall_iconAlthough the unit is headed ‘Hellenic Judaism’ I found I had to go much further back, and ask the question: ‘Who are the Jews?”, uncovering a lot of source texts on the formation of the Middle Eastern nations in doing so. Although units follow an overall historical timeline, they explore various themes along the way in depth, linking the Old Testament event to the New Testament, and to it’s icon, where applicable.

rublev_trinityThe Apostles and Fathers of the post Apostolic Age were at the intersection of the Old Testament and the New Testament when they are excited about the ‘fulfilment of the law’ in Jesus: ‘Not one jot or tittle shall pass from the law till all is fulfilled’ (Matthew 5:18). This revelation is carried through in the sacraments and icons, and we shall explore this more deeply as we move through this section.

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