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Online Icon Course open for Sign Up!

PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE TO ACCESS TEACHING MATERIAL!The main thing we have done while we have been offline is to totally change the layout of the site, making it much clearer to see the resources we have and the resources we plan in the future. So you have, effectively, a course outline in which some pages have only a promise of things to come, while others are densely packed! There is huge amount of new material in the pipeline, but the first thing has been to get a smoothly running site and accessible layout in which the ongoing content can be updated on a regular basis, for the foreseeable future.


Previous subscribers will find most of the new material since they last logged in are in the MODULES section, in pdf format. I will be concentrating on completing these pdf modules, which form the backbone of the teaching structure, during the coming academic year. The practical projects in various icon techniques now come under PROJECTS –  they have been thoroughly revised and should be ready to post by the end of this week. There are a couple of revisions of existing units and some new material also queuing up to be posted, so expect quite  a bit more to happen before we resume the podcast slide lectures with the section on Hellenic Judaism.


This break has given me considerable time to get into the relation of Judaism and images, as well as the general way in which Judaic elements have been incorporated into the Liturgy and form a sub strata. a useful book, which will form a key resource for the Hellenic Judaism section is ‘The Frescoes of the Dura Synagogue and Christian Art’, a Dumbarton Oaks study by Weitzmann and Kessler.


We have kept the pricing low, so that it doesn’t make a big dent in the monthly pocket! As each module does take ages to prepare, if you can afford it, and find the site useful, please think about signing up as a Friend or/and giving a donation. One to one teaching via the web will cost more, and we are still finalising tutors, but it is important to register your interest as soon as we can, so that we can try to match tutor to your icon school tradition. If you are interested in one-to-one, you need to be a subscriber, and explore the material on the site, so that you know if this is for you.

Watch this space!

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