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Judaism: Podcast Lecture:The two Leaders, Joseph & Moses

OIC_HJ_A3c4_SemiteSlaveI nearly called this ‘In and Out’! The leader who gets Israel into Egypt is separated, by nearly four hundred years, from the leader who gets Egypt out of Egypt! Joseph is a seer in the same mould as Daniel. Like Daniel in Babylon, his career is kick started by interpreting a seemingly incomprehensible dream for the reigning king! The dream about cows is not just agricultural – it is a national prophecy which asserts the primacy of the One God over the national gods. It opens the way for the Hebrews to settle in the fertile delta lands where – instead of being wiped out in Semitic infighting in Canaan – they were able to ‘prosper and multiply’.


OIC_HJ_A3c40_moses_burning_bush_iconThe second half deals with the effect of ‘prospering and multiplying.’ the Hebrews had now become a national threat and another type of leadership was necessary. Moses, like Joseph, is a seer, but with a very different brief. Throughout the podcast, the slides put the two lives into context of the Egypt of their day, and introduce the sites and icons of the Sinai revelation. We study the  important theophany – the revelation of the Name of God, and show how the Name of God is written in the early Septuagint manuscripts and in the icon, touching on the general contractions of Holy names in icons.

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